Our Workz - Triumph Dolomite Sprint Group 1 Race Car Build 2021

We wanted to build a period race car, after much deliberation it had to be a Coventry car and a previous championship winner.

The 1975 British Touring Car Championship winner was Andy Rouse in a Dolomite Sprint, so that was the car to build. We looked at a few but the body was important and good ones are very hard to find. Then we found it, a 1975 relatively good condition, British Racing Green (colour 75) car. The interior was originally brown but had been changed to black. So, we had a start.............. 

The car was completely striped, glass, doors, every nut and bolt. Any rot (not too much) was cut out and new plate welded in. The sunroof was removed and new plate welded in there too. The body was stich/seam welded. The body was then fully prepared, primed and painted. The Safety Devices Homologated roll cage was trial fitted and the required base plates also welded into position. The underside was painted with "Cobra" truck liner.

Whilst the body was being painted we started on the drive train elements. Engine, gearbox, competition overdrive, uprated diif, Gripper LSD and competition rear brake shoes. New Hardy Spicer's to the prop. All engine rotating components balanced individually and together. Twin plate race clutch, lightweight flywheel and concentric slave clutch.  The head has been cc'ed to within 0.5 cc, polished and port matched to both the exhaust manifold and twin Weber 48 DCOE's and manifold. New Gaz adjustable suspension was fitted to the rear axle and front subframe. The whole suspension is SuperFlex polybushed.

The big question was what should it look like? We decided on a Group 1 "Works" car recreation, similar to Andy Rouse and Steve Thompson's 1976 (Broadspeed) cars, Tony Dron's 1977 car and the Belgian, Julien Vernaeve works car (as attached image car 26). There was a "Works" car sold recently in the same colours (as attached image car 20). 

This is the livery we have decided to use.

The car is now well on the way and is only a few weeks off finishing.  Note, new vinyl roof - tricky little job but looks great with the "French Seams" either side. It's getting new everything. Some of the engine work information will remain with us for the time-being. Looking forward to testing and getting it out with the Classic Touring Car Racing Club, the club number will be 20.

More pictures to come soon.................

1985 Toyota Corolla AE86 

1.6ltr 4AGE Blueprinted, high performance race engine - block internally, fully de-burred and de-sanded, painted, fully polished and ported head, high lift cams, dual springs, cam follower conversion, forged pistons and rods, billet crank, fully weighed and balanced internals. Revs to 12,000 RPM. 

Plus a 1.6ltr 4AGZE Short Engine (Block) for Supercharger or Turbo

1959 TR3a Blueprinted 2.3ltr Engine Build & Gearbox/Overdrive Overhaul 

2.3ltr conversion and upgrade with, full engine clean and de-burr,  painting, new liners, pistons, oil pump, weighed and balanced pistons and con-rods, fully balanced pulley, crank & flywheel. Gearbox and overdrive recondition.

1975 TriumphTR6 Refurbishment

Full strip down and rebuild of a 1975 TR6 (125 hp) in Pimento Red, body striped and welded where necessary, prepared and painted. Engine, gearbox, overdrive, diff recondition, new interior, MX5 seats and mohair roof. We collected the car and it was not running very well. the paint was very faded and the original interior was quite poor. The car had been in one families ownership for many years and there was quite a bit of nostalgia and pleasant memories, so the brief was to bring it back to its former glory. 

MGB Roadster

Front brake upgrade and full suspension overhaul. Upgrade to vented disks and V8 (Princess 4 pot) calipers. All suspension bushes and rubbers replaced.

Jaguar 4.2 Short Engine Rebuild

Full recondition of a Jaguar 4.2 litre short engine. Fully striped, cleaned, internally deseamed, deburred and de-sanded. Block decked. Internally and externally painted. New core plugs. Crank plugs removed and journals fully cleaned, new plugs fitted. Fully balanced crank, conrods and new pistons weighed to within a gram, matched and balanced.

The three cars below are our own, 1980 MGB Roadster with all the chrome, 1965 TR4a full body off rebuild a few years ago, 1972 TR6 with a modified engine, roller rockers around 200 bhp.

A few pictures inside the unit.

Newly Rebuilt Vapour Blasting Cabinet

Cleans smaller engine parts, 4 cylinder heads and blocks, carbs, etc. 

Cleaning charged out at £60.00 per hour + VAT 

or part hour (15 minute min charge).

A before and after cleaning.